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Home Safety & Security Motion Detectors

SH772 Curtain Motion Detector

Curtain Motion Detector

It is a small and digital curtain-pattern PIR detector adopting advanced digital true motion detection technology. Once motion signal is received, it compares and alalyses the signal with the true motion signal in database memory and ignores extraneous noises in order to eliminate false alarm. Detailed coverage patterns and mounting alternatives are given in Figures 2 through 6 below.

Suitable for protection of window, door, balcony and ceiling

Vertical or horizontal protection
Microprocessor controlled
True motion detection technology
Adjustable range: 2-6m
Fire resistance casing


Sensor: Low noise high sensitivity dual element rectangular PIR sensor
Sensing speed: 0.26m/sec
Operating Temp: 10-50
Power source: DC10-16V, 12.5mA
Lens: Fresnel vertical protection lens
Protection Range: Distance: 2m/4m/6m selectable,
Height: 3.6m
Mounting height: Max. 3.6m
Mounting: Wall mount or ceiling mount
RFI protection: Anti RF1, 20V/m to 1000MHz
Alarm Period: 3 seconds
Alarm output: Normal close: 20ohm internal
Resistance, 24Vdc 0.1A
Temper protection: Normal close, open circuit when cover is removed, contact 0.1A, 24Vdc
Weight: 30g
Dimension: 28x70x25mm (WxHxD)