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SH717 Green Buildings

Smart Home is A Green Home

Smarthome Tackle the Problem fully and intensively.

A) Tackling the wastage:

1- Wastage in Water heating

2- Wastage in Air-conditioning

3- Wastage in Penetrating Rays

4- Wastage in Infiltration

5- Wastage due to wrong Fixtures Selection

6- Wastage Due to wrong Logic timing Operation

7- Wastage in Lighting

8- Wastage in Pumps

9- Water Leakage wastage

B) Tackling the Cause:

1- Selecting The right Fixture

2- Choosing the Right Device or Equipment

3- Proper Integration

4- Logical Smart Programming and Setup

C) Creating BMS Alerts and Central Monitoring

1- Energy High Consumption Alerts

2- Threshold Alerts ad Mid Points

3- Flat Curve adjustment and enforcement

4- Water Leakage alerts

5- Filter status Alerts

6- Central Monitoring and Control

7- Fan Belt Status Alerts

D) Proper Building Design, Materials and colors:

1- Study the Aero Dynamics

2- Create wind Tower Effect

3- Take advantage of the North Direction Field

4- Protecting the building from Penetrating rays

5- Selecting isolative and efficient materials

6- Choosing the Proper Colors

7- Environmental Friendly Structures

8- Using Recyclable Materials

9- Cut down wastage during construction (management)

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