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Home Lighting & Dimming User Frontend

SH712 X10 White Mini Timer

X10 White Mini Timer

  • Easy plug-in installation
  • Four separate timers, two schedules per day each
  • Manual 15-minute increment delay feature
  • Built-in alarm with snooze
  • Built-in keypad for eight groups of lights/appliances


For about the same price as a dumb alarm clock you can get this amazing plug-in SMART timer. This unit has four separate timers that can turn on and off up to four groups of X10 devices twice a day at your preset times. In the security mode it will randomly vary the ON/OFF slightly every day to give a lived-in look. You can set the timers to operate every day or do a one-time temporary change to accommodate that extra early-morning meeting

Performance Features

Channel 1 in the timer can also operate as a regular buzzer alarm clock with a snooze feature. When the current time equals the ON setting in channel one, not only does the X10 device come on, the buzzer in the alarm clock sounds. Have that X10 signal the lights in your room, bathroom, or coffee pot...whatever it takes for you to get up!

Hit the snooze button and the buzzer will turn off then come back on in 10 minutes until you wake up. The large easy-to-read LED time display doubles as a clock. The built-in keypad is similar to the X10 Mini Controller and controls up to eight X10 devices. For easy addressing, insert an X10 Code Clicker (sold separately) into the dial wheel. It has ON/OFF, DIM/BRIGHT, ALL LIGHTS ON/ALL UNITS OFF control. Press the ALL LIGHTS ON button if you are awakened by a strange sound in your home and all the X10 wall switches and Lamp Modules on that house code will come on. Press the ALL UNITS OFF button before you go to sleep to turn off everything on that house code in your home.

It also has a handy SLEEP feature. Turn on a device from the keypad and then press the SLEEP button -- 15 minutes later the timer will automatically turn the device off. Press the SLEEP button twice and the timer will turn the device off in 30 minutes, and so on. Turn a device off then press the SLEEP button and the device will turn back on again in 15 minutes.