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SH708 Insteon Controlinc

Insteon Controlinc

  • INSTEON compatibility for outstanding performance
  • Five-button robust tabletop controller
  • Install and set up in less than 5 minutes
  • INSTEON technology received the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Innovations 2005 Design and Engineering Award


The ControLinc V2 tabletop controller has five sets of ON/OFF buttons and can be set up in less than five minutes to create dramatic lighting scenes and/or remotely control INSTEON (patent pending) lighting or appliance modules anywhere in the home. Put a ControLinc on your bedside table to control downstairs lamps in the middle of the night remotely if you hear a noise. It can even control a legacy X10 device.

Performance Features

Upgrade your home with automated lighting, appliances, security, and more by installing an INSTEON network. The ControLinc can be set up to control one INSTEON module or all the modules in the home, providing a virtually limitless set of options for customizing your home's lighting.

Scene Capable Each of the five ON/OFF buttons on the ControLinc can be set up to control one INSTEON module or all of the modules in the home.

Works with Legacy X10 Products Each of the five ON/OFF buttons on the ControLinc can be assigned an X10 address. This enables the ControLinc to bridge your INSTEON network with your legacy X10 network. The ControLinc ON/OFF buttons can be assigned any X10 address and do not have to be assigned sequentially. This makes the ControLinc an excellent replacement for your existing X10 mini-controller.

Design Features

The ControLinc uses a simple "Plug and Tap" process to link to other INSTEON devices. Put the ControLinc in setup mode by pressing any of the five ON buttons for 10 seconds, and then press the button on the module you would like to control. That's all it takes to link the ControLinc to any module!


Dimensions: 6.4" x 5" x 3"
On/Off Channels: 5
INSTEON Address: 1 hard coded out of 16.7 million possible
X10 Addresses: Up to 5 programmable (comes unassigned); any of 256 possible
Channel Modes: INSTEON only, X10 only, INSTEON and X10 together
Combo Mode Priority: INSTEON broadcasts, X10 transmission, INSTEON cleanups
INSTEON Scenes: 417
Repeats All INSTEON Signals: Yes
ALL ON/ ALL OFF Buttons: Controls INSTEON & X10 devices programmed in channels 1-5
Bright/Dim: Controls last pressed channel (INSTEON and X10 if programmed)
Status Light: Yes (white)
Sounding Device: Internal beeper (can be disabled)
Mounting: Included desk stand (removable)
AC Cord: Standard 2-pin polarized