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SH707 Insteon Lamplinc V2 3Pin

Insteon Lamplinc V2 3Pin

  • INSTEON compatibility for outstanding performance
  • Use with any standard incandescent lamps, up to 300 watts
  • Install and setup in less than 5 minutes
  • INSTEON technology received the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Innovations 2005 Design and Engineering Award


If you've considered installing automated, remote-controllable lights but have resisted due to the complexity and reliability of other technologies, LampLinc V2 with INSTEON (patent pending) technology is what you have been waiting for. Setup is easy - LampLinc V2 Dimmer installs in minutes. The LampLinc V2 Dimmer also works with legacy X10 products. If you have an existing X10 network, the LampLinc V2 Dimmer is a good choice. It works with your X10 products and provides an upgrade path to an INSTEON network.

Performance Features

Upgrade your home with automated lighting, appliances, security, and more by installing an INSTEON network. The LampLinc V2 Dimmer is a full-featured lamp dimmer. Lamps in your home can be remotely controlled by plugging each into a LampLinc V2 Dimmer (each sold separately) and can be remotely controlled with a ControLinc Tabletop Controller (sold separately). Just getting started on your INSTEON network? The INSTEON Wireless Starter Kit includes everything you'll need: a ControLinc, two LampLinc V2 Dimmers, and two SignaLinc RF repeaters. SignaLinc RFs can also be purchased separately.

INSTEON Compatible

The LampLinc V2 is fully INSTEON compatible. INSTEON is a powerful, home-control networking technology. INSTEON messages are transmitted throughout your home both wirelessly and through the home's existing wiring. All INSTEON messages are confirmed and repeated by INSTEON devices in the network, contributing to the outstanding reliability and performance of INSTEON products.

Set Up and Install in Five Minutes

Every LampLinc has a unique ID, so there is no need to assign addresses or spin wheels, virtually eliminating the possibility of a neighbor intruding on your network. This makes installation and setup a simple "Plug and Tap" process. To link two INSTEON devices, simply put each into setup mode with the press of a button, and they will then connect automatically.


With the large memory cache, there is no practical limit to the number of scenes a LampLinc V2 Dimmer can be a member of. The LampLinc V2 Dimmer can remember different light settings for different scenes. For example, create an INSTEON scene (i.e. "Movietime," "Party," "Romance," etc.) and all the LampLincs that are part of the scene will adjust accordingly.

Design Features

Status LED

Get a visual indication when LampLinc is sending or receiving INSTEON signals.

Preset Brightness

Your LampLinc can come on to any one of 32 brightness levels. For example, after watching a movie, a table lamp plugged into a LampLinc can come on to 16 percent brightness, so you'll easily be able to make your way out of the room without being blinded by a light at full brightness.

Soft Start or Resume Dimming

LampLincs include the Soft Start feature that gradually brings lights up over a user-defined period of time (from an instant one-tenth of a second to over nine minutes). The soft start feature creates an eye-pleasing fade-in effect that also prolongs bulb life.

Pass-Through Outlet

In addition to the INSTEON-controlled outlet, LampLinc offers a non-controlled outlet on the front face. Now you won't have to unplug your lamp modules just to find a place to plug in the vacuum cleaner.

Safety Tested and Factory Certification

All LampLinc Modules are safety approved. The assembly line for Smarthome Design Products is ISO 9002 certified. In order to meet the ISO 9002 standards, the entire factory underwent rigorous inspections of procedures and policies before being thoroughly audited. The certification received was based on its dedication to high-quality management systems and strict adherence to quality systems and guidelin


Dimensions: 4" x 2.5" x 1.25"
Maximum Wattage 300 watts
Status LED Yes
Adj. On Level Yes
Adj. Ramp Rate Yes
INSTEON Scenes 417
Status Response (2-Way) Yes
Load Monitor Yes
Preset Dim Yes
Fade On & Off Yes
X10 Primary Address: 1 optional (comes unassigned)
X10 Scenes: 256
Pass-Through Outlet: Yes, rated for up to 15 amps
Outlet # Pins: 3