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SH701 SECUREPOOL Alarm System


  • Robust and esthetic design
  • Resin structure to provide optimal protection against the elements (water, chemicals, storms,…)
  • Highly durable shell to resist impact, involuntary removal and denting. Its special coating resists UV rays.
  • Reduce False Alarms
  • 1 remote control (Stop during swim / Manual reactivation)
  • 1 lock + 2 stainless steel keys (On/Off + Save via remote control)
  • Autonomous power supply (6 LR20 alkaline batteries not included)
  • Ultra-low energy consumption (1 year minimum)
  • 1 additional external siren (optional)


The Securipool™ system is the result of several years of Research and Development in France, protected by 4 international Patents, its own design and registered trademark combined with innovative technologies at the forefront of science. Without comparison, this immersion detection alarm system, overcomes the complex technological challenges to improve children’s safety against pool fatalities worldwide.

Performance Features

The Securipool™ system is the first and only system in the world capable of distinguishing, recognizing and detecting, through an electronic design and software intelligence, any intrusion into a pool, be it by accidental fall, or through the slow immersion on the steps, the ladder or any other access. All this is accomplished without the risk of false alarms caused by automatic pool cleaners, filter systems, rainfall or floating objects….

Herein lies the problem, to be able to distinguish between these characteristic signals from unsupervised young distressed children in pools, with the environmental disturbances, noise and backscatter (weak amplitudes) and disturbance signals of greater amplitudes to ensure the trigger of an alarm. These complex requirements reveal design faults and practical difficulties caused by having made unstable compromises, where consequences can be false alarms and the ultimate risk of non-detection.

Design Features

The Securipool™ alarm system is designed specifically for use with standard swimming pools of less than 72 m². It is designed for easy installation by the consumer. It uses the patented and award-winning Securipool™ technology. In 2005, the system received two awards: a Gold Medal at the Geneva International Innovation Exhibition and a Special Prize awarded by the French Research Ministry.

The Securipool™ technology is recognized for its superior detection capabilities and its ability to prevent false alarms around the clock, 7 days a week. Its autonomous (wireless) power supply, featuring ultra-low energy consumption, similar to those used by biomedical devices (pacemakers) greatly reduces the risk of interrupted operation.

During normal operation, the alarm system is put into stand-by mode via the remote control. In this mode, the alarm system is activated but will not set off the siren. After the swim, the alarm system will no longer detect a presence in the pool and will automatically turn on again. It is also possible to reactivate the system manually using the remote control before the system reactivates itself automatically. The system thus provides additional supervision for the adults present.