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Home Safety & Security Heat & Gas Detectors

SH668 Combo Detector

Combo Detector

  • The CO sensing component the Enclosure electrochemical type sensor passed both EN50291 and UL2034 requirements
  • UL- or EN-approved
  • All special ODM projects are welcomed
  • In addition to normal gas and heat detection, it also offers flexible designs for various toxic gas detectors


Combo Detector multiple sensing technology provides customers with an all-in-one flexibility. There are various models available for different kinds of combination of detection (for example, gas and CO detection, CO and smoke detection, smoke and heat detection, or smoke, CO and heat detection). By installing only one combo detector, you eliminate unnecessary clutter in a residential environment. Combo Detectorá also comes in wireless versions with two frequencies, 433MHz and 868MHz


Sensor Specifications
Battery Life At least 30 months under normal conditions with alkaline battery
Smoke sensitivity 0.08 to 0.154dB/m, preliminary (BS5446 or VDS prEN14604) or 2.66 +/- 1.11%/FT obscuration, preliminary (UL217)
Low battery life up to 30 days warning signal
Alarm indicator red LED flashing
Alarm sound level exceeding 85dB at 10 feet
Operating temperature 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Humidity 10 to 85% RH, no condensation or icing
CO and Heat Specifications
CO UL-2034: 70ppm within 60 to 189 minutes/150ppm within 10 to 50 minutes/400ppm within 4 to 15 minutes
EN-50291: 50ppm within 60 to 90 minutes/100ppm within 10 to 40 minutes/300ppm within 3 minutes
Heat rate of rise function: > 20 degrees Fahrenheit
In-room wireless range 35 meters (115 feet)
Transmit bandwidth 200KHz
Maximum wireless 12 pieces
Interconnection units 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Operating temperature 10 to 85% RH
Humidity no condensation or icing