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SH666 SKYLINK Monitoring Station

SKYLINK Monitoring Station

  • Audio Sensor detects the sound of your existing alarm
  • Sends a signal to the phone dialer once the audio sensor is triggered
  • Dialer calls up to 9 numbers for help in an emergency
  • Sends out your personal 40 second message to the person of your choice


The Monitoring Station is suitable for you if you either: already own an existing security system (wireless or hardwire) or paying monitoring fee every month for monitoring service. Sends an Emergency Voice Message to: Pagers, Cellular Phones, Offices, Authorities, Relatives, Friends. Ideal For: Assistance, Protection & Security or anywhere that requires immediate emergency notification.

Performance Features

Your existing monitoring companies only make the call for you when they detect an emergency at your home or workplace and charge a fee for it every month. Our product will do the same, but without the monthly monitoring fee. It is a unique combination of an Emergency Phone Dialer and an Audio Sensor. It is designed to serve as your Personal Self Monitoring Station.

Once your existing alarm system is triggered, the Audio Sensor detects the sound of the alarm and sends a signal to the Emergency Phone Dialer that in turn calls for help. The dialer will dial up to nine different phone numbers of your choice and will deliver, your personal 40 second message to the person of your choice.