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SH596 APRILAIRE Programmable Thermostat

APRILAIRE Programmable Thermostat
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  • Simple programming and operation
  • Saves time, money, and helps you stay comfortable
  • Large backlit display Accurate, digital controls


Combining easy programming, pinpoint accuracy and digital controls provides both comfort and energy savings. Aprilaire®'s Programmable Thermostat offers temperature accuracy and comfort control. An easy-to-read backlit display and intuitive programming make it a cinch to use. Friendly, non-intrusive service reminders ensure an efficient and consistently comfortable indoor environment.

Performance Features

Aprilaire®'s Programmable Thermostat is pre-programmed with Energy Star® settings, and it automatically adjusts for daylight savings time. The large main display assures you can easily view set points, outdoor/remote temperature, fan status and the network communications at a glance. The main display provides all information about the comfort settings and current conditions, including: room temperature, mode of operation, heat/cool set points, Fan ON or AUTO, remote or outdoor temperature (with optional sensor), relative humidity (with optional sensor) and more.

Design Features

The Programmable Thermostat is the exclusive portal for Aprilaire® 4-Zone Intelligent Zone Control System , which acts as a central wiring hub and information interchange for the system with a premium thermostat in each zone. Information is shared among thermostats through the 4-Zone Comfort Control System to optimize performance and convenience; you can turn on/off, adjust or simply view any thermostat from any other thermostat


Thermostat Voltage: 24-volts ±20% AC or DC
Max. Total Load Current: 2A
Max. Load Current thru Single Output: 1A
Solid State Output Residual Current: Less than 5 mA
Voltage Drop at Solid State Outputs: Less than 1-volt
Operating Range: 32°F - 99°F (0 C - 37 C)
Display Accuracy: ±1°F between 60°F and 80°F, ±2°F outside this range
Control Accuracy: ±1°F
Control Range Heat: 40°F - 88°F (4 C - 30 C)
Control Range Cool: 42°F - 90°F (6 C - 32 C)
Heat/Cool Deadband: 2°F or C
1st Stage Differential: Adjustable 1°F - 3°F (1°F default)
2nd Stage Differential: Adjustable 1°F - 3°F (1°F default)