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SH593 Simultaneous Interpretation System

Simultaneous Interpretation System
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  • Language Interpretation
  • Available in 2 or 4 channels
  • Conferences
  • Multi-Media Rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Courtrooms
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Government Facilities


Telecor's Simultaneous Interpretation System enables multiple translated languages to be transmitted to delegates throughout a conference facility. The system is available in 2 or 4 channels, each channel distributing a separate language.

Performance Features

Delegates are provided with personal infrared receivers and headphones, and can select the language of his/her choice by means of a channel selector on the receiver. With the wireless receivers, the delegates have the freedom of unrestricted movement throughout the hall, and yet can receive the signal transmission from any location within the room. The number of delegates able to receive the signals from the infrared system is theoretically unlimited. A high level of security is ensured as infrared signals cannot pass through walls, remaining in the confines of the room.

The Receivers accommodate up to 4 language channels each. They are easy to use, lightweight, compact, and comfortable to wear. Assures excellent speech intelligibility, high maximum volume, and low power consumption for long battery life. Several headphone types are available for use with the receiver–from the conventional dynamic type to the ultra-lightweight stethoscope models. This offers optimum choice for any conference situation. The modulators generate a carrier wave for each of the 4 language channels and drive the Emitter Panels. The Modulators are compact in design, occupying a single rack space for all 4 channels.

Telecor offers two headphone types for use with the receiver: the conventional dual-ear headphone style, and the under-the-chin headphone style.