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SH542 Televes Satellite Amplifier

Televes Satellite Amplifier
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This amplifier finds its main application as a line extender in small CATV networks. TelevÚs gives its users a very satisfying range of product that would serve their needs. This Broad Band Amplifier has all the needed components for what the consumers wants.


Frequency range (MHz) 47 - 860
Attenuator (dB) 0 - 20
Cable equalizer (dB)  0 - 20
System equalizer (dB) 0 - 20
Gain (dB) 44
Max. output level (DIN 45004B)
(dBÁV) │ 118 (121 typ)
2 order distortion (dB) 60
Maximum output level (dBÁV) 104
Noise figure (dB) < 8
In-Out return losses (dB) 14 typ. (12 min.)
Flatness (dB) ▒ 1 typ. (2 max.)
Max. AC current bypass (A) 2 ~
Power consumption (mA) 430 (24Vdc)
Max. No. of amplifiers 1 (430 mA)