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SH519 Linn Digital Audio Video Power Amplifier

Linn Digital AV Power Amplifier
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  • Cool-running, sleek case in machined-from-solid aluminum isolates and screens the circuitry
  • Short, simple audio signal path design with resulting high density circuitry minimize electrical pickup
  • Includes both single-ended and balanced inputs, easily selected by a switch on the back panel.


 The Linn Klimax 500 Solo is a high performance single speaker power amplifier designed for use in multiamplifier, multi-channel audio and audio/visual information and entertainment systems. Linn’s patented circuitry delivers 500W of clean, silent power with signal pitch accuracy from a cool running LP sized product less than 6cm thick, weighing less than 10 kilos.

Performance Features

The case is precision machined from two solid sections of aluminum alloy. The compact form of the Klimax case reflects our intention to keep the audio signal path as short and simple as possible. This applies as much to a turntable pickup arm as it does to a power amplifier. Applying this rule rigorously results in high density circuitry which generates and receives the absolute minimum level of electrical noise.

The transformer in the Klimax is less than 40mm (1.5 inches) cube. At 50/ 60 Hz it could deliver about 5 Watts. In the Klimax it can deliver 1000 Watts. The reservoir capacitors in the Klimax are about the size of a thimble but give better filtering than ones the size of a beer can used in other very powerful amplifiers.

Design Features

The machined-from-solid clamshell construction of the Klimax casework is a beautiful and unique design allowing a variety of options for music, home theatre and custom installation applications. Several Klimax Amplifiers can be wall mounted with V-Klip brackets where space is a premium, for example with marine applications.

The compact case housing the Klimax Solo screens, protects and stabilises the internal electronics forming a heat exchanger that dissipates the heat from the amplifier circuitry. Inside are two electronically and mechanically isolated circuit boards, one a new Linn Silent Power Switch Mode Power Supply, the other, the unique audio circuitry providing unsurpassed performance from a compact audio component.


Mains input range: 90Vac - 126Vac
200Vac - 253Vac
Maximum input power 900W
Typical operating input power 39W
Standby power 3W
Input connectors Single ended: WBTphono socket
XLR Pin 1: 0V; Pin 2: Hot; Pin 3: Cold
Gain Single ended: 28.6dB
Balanced: 22.6dB
Input Impedence 7k6 Ohms
Output power 500W rms into 4 Ohms
290W rms into 8 Ohms
Load tolerance Unconditionally stable into all loudspeaker loads
Harmonic distortion <0.02%
Frequency response 2Hz - 60KHz (-3dB)
Peak output voltage 70V
Output power: 500W rms into 4 Ohms
290W rms into 8 Ohms
Input level for clipping Balanced- 3.34 Vrms
Single ended - 1.67 Vrms
Signal sensing threshold >150uV