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SH510 LIFT IT Television Lifts

LIFT IT LCDs, Plasmas and Television Lifts

  • Integrates into many architectural designs and layouts
  • Hides your TV in a cabinet, drawer, bedroom dressers, reception desk
  • Doesn't permit your TV to spoil your expensive home decor
  • Can be used with wall recesses or false ceilings
  • Smaller lift models can be installed in the kitchen areas
  • Larger lifts are a good option for bedroom installations
  • Mid-Sized lifts can also be offered for bath/spa area installations
  • Required little space to include


Lift Itô is the manufacturer of a standardized line of motorized television lifts. Our ascending/descending/traversing lifts can accommodate most models of LCD & Plasma TVs currently on the market today, where as our more specialized models (swivel lifts, bay lifts, & flip-down lifts) give you added options for how you'd like to set up your entertainment centers. These TV lift mechanisms are offered at a comparatively low cost, and offer a high level of quality. Solid construction, quiet operation, and our exclusive features combine to give you everything you could want in a lift.

Performance Features

Owning one of our lifts helps you create a family friendly environment for your home. Letís face it, itís not exactly a closely guarded secret that todayís kids are known for using the TV quite a lot. A lift sends the message that a TV isnít the center of attention for a household, at least not all of the time. A lift also saves a good deal of space when youíre laying out a room. Hereís some other benefits: Added parental control, just hide the lift remote form you kids & they canít even see the TV. Discourage theft, make it harder for a thief to get your TV. Protect your family from the potential hazard of a falling TV. Give yourself an added tool for designing the perfect room.

Design Features

The use of flat panel television lifts in a motor coach allows for further space conservation (always a prime consideration in the layout of any RV) and provides one more feature to entice prospective customers and gain their interest.

TVLifts model is selected on the basis of your TV, plasma, LCD's height, width, weight and shape accordingly.