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SH499 Mobile Bio Time Attendance System

Mobile Bio Time Attendance System
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  • Utilises GPRS - wireless
  • Heat and pulse sensor
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • E-mail and SMS business rules/alerts
  • Remote staff control; Set own security level; Remote enrolment
  • Tamper proof time management
  • The Sony FIU-300 Puppy fingerprint scanning and matching identity device
  • Highly accurate matching with variable verification levels adjusted to customer needs
  • Reliable capacitance sensing technology accepts most fingers
  • Draws on Sony experience in imaging, security and OEM products


MobileBio can be installed into any business that needs to implement controls, without having to invest in computer equipment and software. Installing MobileBio eliminates the necessity of expensive IT and software needed to support the complicated infrastructure and installation processes used by previous and current systems.

Performance Features

Employees records are updated on a "real time" basis Eliminates "ghost" employees Employees are rewarded for actual time worked "Buddy" clocking is eliminated completely MobileBio is affordable, thereby opening up the market for large and small business to utilize the advantages of installing a biometric reader Remote sites are ideally suitable for MobileBio as no cabling or supervision is necessary Monitoring is controlled from either a central office or locally. As no information is stored on the MobileBio device, users can add and/or remove employee details without having direct access to the device. MobileBio ensures that control over remote sites and/or branches can be maintained remotely or from a central point.

Statistics revealed that up to 15% of a business salary bill is wasted on: Employees arriving late at work Employees leaving early from work Over-time claims without the actual hours worked

Design Features

Manufactured with a robust external casing, with components being assembled under clinical conditions Tested within a well defined test-bed environment each unit leaves the manufacturing process free of any material defects.

MobileBIO only use the Sony FIU-300 silicon-bases scanner, which use capacitance. Capacitance requires object's ability to hold an electric charge, to capture fingerprint images. Charge-sensitive pixels in the device distinguish between ridges and valleys, each of which carries a different electric charge. In order to generate the encrypted minutiae data which will be stored for future reference or verification, that scanner creates an electrostatic image. At this point the processor seeks and catalogues the minutiae data for that particular image which then gets encrypted and stored on an offline storage server. SONY developed and protects this encryption algorithms that is used by the device.


Dimensions (cm) 105mm Wide X 260mm High X 65mm Depth
Color Dark Grey
Verification speed 2.5 seconds
Matching 1:N
Enrollment Unlimited
Transactions Unlimited
LCD Alphanumeric 24 x 8 graphic
Keypad 16 keys Metal
Access control 12V DC relay x 2
Power 12V DC, universal AC adapter included
Temperature range -10 C to 60 C
Humidity Under 90%RH
Sensing Inputs 2 (passive, door opened)