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SH498 Door Access & Time Attendane System

Door Access & Time Attendane System
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  • Used for access control, person presence tracking, time & attendance, controlling various devices, and appliances
  • Send and receive video messages, for video surveillance, and for video intercom.
  • System provides high level of security based on face/mimic recognition and voice recognition.
  • Based on previously saved biometric data smarti® recognizes persons and acts accordingly
  • Creates an event with a photo of a person, opens a door, turns on a light, sends an e-mail or SMS etc.
  • Computerized personal data management, without reliance on door locks, keypads or guards Management ease with fewer hassles

The smarti® system is a result of many years of dedicated research and development in area of computer vision and neural network technologies. Biometrics describe the automatic identification of a person based on his/her physiological or behavioral characteristics. A biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system enabling identification by means of a UNIQUE physical or behavioral characteristic to unequivocally link an individual to an action or transaction.

Biometric systems may include fingerprint, iris, face, voice, hand geometry or signature recognition technologies, for example. Biometrics are the only way to automatically confirm the presence of the correct person! As such, biometrics are the essential tool for use whenever it is necessary to accurately recognize an individual.

smarti® is more advanced than other similar products due to its faster and higher person recognition rate and accuracy because it consist truly multimodal biometric person identification in one system : - face/mimic recognition - voice recognition

Design Features

The nearly transparent graphical user interface has been designed for ease of use. With customizable backgrounds, fully programmable buttons, and aesthetically pleasing components smarti® looks good while getting the job done. Designed with flexibility in mind, smarti® can be used for many applications:

Corporate, Commercial, Private, Smart houses, clubs, hotels, banks, etc. The system grants level based user rights, allowing for variations in access to meet any need. All events are tracked, with time stamping and accompanying photos recorded and filed with easy retrieval from the database for verification at any time.

The system also allows manual event generation to meet special needs. Using the accompanying software, people can easily be assigned access privileges and time restrained schedules. One special feature of the system is the ability to send pre-recorded audio-video messages to any specified user or group, based on an event like entering a building

In addition to biometric recognition, the smarti® system also allows the use of PIN codes which can be entered through the unit's touch screen. Knowing the importance of reporting, our system allows you to generate them easily using a variety of criteria like dates, times, or users. The smarti® system can also be used for video surveillance by monitoring real-time video feeds from any recognition unit in the network, at any time.

Performance Features

Use smarti®, a comprehensive biometric identification system, to gain full control over premises access. Registered persons pass freely while un-registered are denied automatic entry. Define registered persons, including detailed data and their level of access, using the smarti® Management Platform. Entry may further be limited to certain hours or days of the week. Cost effective, reliable and desirable for today's needs.

Use smarti®, to keep track of work hours of employees Define work schedules and use integrated reports to calculate the number of work hours, overtime work etc, including completely customizable detailed reports. Reliable and desirable functions & options . Eliminates the need for external application to keep track of attendance reports, allows easy printing and can save reports and salary calculations. Produces fast and reliable results, computerized personal data management, without reliance on human resource dept., completely automated Management ease with fewer hassles. Can easily tracks and lists persons attendances and absences. Manages persons and their work schedules with simplicity and ease, further allows simple holiday schedule management. It guarantees the highest possible security level for data protection

Use smarti®, to connect your home devices for smart house control. Define on-access person related tasks such as unlocking doors, turning on lights, downloading e-mails, etc. The options are countless. The things that were SF yesterday come to life today with smarti® advanced technology. Connect your home devices with ease, easily setup “to do” tasks for your home devices, reliable control in automated device management