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SH724 Sunseeker Motorized Curtain

Sunseeker Motorized Curtain

SunSeeker Motorized Curtain, having third generation technology of motors which are noiseless and very easy to use. These tracks can be used either with the help of switches or remote controls using Infra red technology. Motors can be integrated with the SBUS systems and touch control panels. Heavy duty motors offer quiet, reliable operation. Electronic motor adjustment can gather heavy fabric into a smaller pocket when needed. Motor can be oriented on either side of window or space. Precision engineered, approved for commercial & residential use.

  • 6 nos. of combined wall mount bracket;
  • Quiet motor Output Voltage 24V DC;
  • Wireless Infrared (IR) Remote Controller;
  • Batteries;
  • Wall Mount Control Board with LCD Timer;
  • AC-DC 24 V power adaptor;
  • Screws, Cable, Spanner & Screw Driver;
  • Owner and Operation Manual


  • Simplified system components requiring minimal installation hassles.
  • Simple connectivity, programming and operation.
  • Reliable and economical automation of the windows for commercial and residential applications
  • Flexible for integration with Building and home automation systems for simple operation and energy saving features
  • Precision engineering. Approved for commercial and residential use.
  • Contact closure control for integrated systems. Requires simple modification.
  • Automatic stop open & closed positions. Can also stop at any intermediate position.


  • Save Energy
  • For Privacy
  • Health (Disinfection – Radiation Protection)
  • Comfort
  • Prestige (gives higher image as techno-Home Owner)
  • Furniture Protection ( protects furniture  against sun UV rays and discoloration)

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